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8 PzS 720L 24V 34.5kW Traction Battery

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  • 2 Banks of 24v (12 x 2v cells) Traction battery bank
  • Energy content : 34560W
  • 2000 cycles at 50% DoD

This bank is 2 banks of 12 units of 8 PzS 720L Traction Battery Bank.

Traction batteries have long been the "hidden secret" of cheap off-grid installations. Pricing is in general 25% cheaper then dedicated solar batteries and as these batteries are designed to be charged and discharged daily, to power forklift operation, they can take quite some abuse.

Forklift batteries have thicker plates, this is because the heavy discharges caused by forklift operation, can cause the lead plates to buckle. Thicker plates means stronger but less efficient batteries, with less active surface area. Fork lift batteries also use a bit more distilled water then the dedicated solar batteries.

We have customers using forklift batteries, we have been monitoring the performance of these systems for a few years and are now happy to present our "low budget" traction battery range in 12, 24 and 48v configuration.

Weight (KG) 993.6
Manufacturer Off-Grid Europe
Battery Type Flooded Lead-Acid
Battery Voltage 24
Delivery Time Europe (Est) 7-10 working days
Warranty No
Cycles at 50% DoD 2000
Cycles at 80% DoD No
Amp-Hour at C10 1884.82
Amp-Hour at C100 No
Usable Capacity (kWh) N/A
Max Expansion (kWh) N/A
Continuous Output (A) N/A
Peak Output (A and duration) N/A
Nominal Voltage (V) N/A

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