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12kW SMA Off-Grid System in Aston Abbotts UK

Aston Abbotts

We were contacted by James mid 2012. He had bought a piece of land in Aston Abbotts and was building a house and Alpaca farm with his wife and three children. The house was designed and the build was about to start, when it dawned on them that the combined cost of grid connection and passing over neighboring land, would be over 50,000 pounds. This lead James to look for options of how to go off-grid, during his research he came across Off-Grid Europe who went on to design and supply the system, which powers their home today. This video was filmed in November 2013, James and his Family had now been living off-grid for almost a year with no problems. By then the farm and house was no longer a muddy building site but a piece of beautiful well kept land with an exceptional "almost" passive house sitting as the crown on the plot.

The system comprises of the following main components

  • 12.5kW Yingli Solar Panels
  • SMA 5000TL and 6000TL Mini Central Grid Tie Inverter in off-grid mode
  • 2 x SMA 5048 Sunny Island Inverters
  • 2 x 65kWh 48v Hoppecke Battery Bank
  • 10kVA Stephill 1500 RPM diesel generator