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4kW Outback Off-Grid System in rural France

We were contacted by David, relocated to rural France, with the request to go off-grid (even though he had 80 A, single phase grid available). After some consultation where we explained that going off-grid would certainly not be about ROI (Return of Investment), we agreed on a hybrid system, which would work almost independently of the grid, only taking charge when the battery SOC (State Of Charge) drops below 50%.

The system comprised of 15 x 265w Bosch Monocrystalline solar panels, 1 x Outback FLEXpower One and 8 x 6v Rolls 5000 1156ah batteries. David built his own ground based mounting system and attached a standard solar panel roof mounting system to the wood rafters. The final AC and DC wiring was completed by a electrician.

4kw solar system ground mounted

Here is what David had to say about working with Off-Grid-Europe following the completion of his system.

"Clearly I wanted to have the ability to go off grid for more than just the short term economics. my property is fairly remote and the grid is supplied via an overhead wire which passes through a woodland before terminating at my junction box. The risk of frequent and long term power outage is obvious from the close proximity of the trees to the power lines. I also believe that in the longer term the cost of energy will increase more than the current projections to the extent that I might see an economic benefit. I also am a firm believer in using natural sources of energy where possible.

    I decided to work with Off-Grid Europe for three reasons:
  1. They were extremely helpful in talking me through the capability of the various equipment without pushing me hard in one direction or the other. Being a novice at this sort of stuff that is important.
  2. The system that we arrived at seemed to fit my requirements exactly with the ability to grow, should it be required.
  3. The quality of the recommended products . I checked this through independent research.

During the installation I received fantastic support from the team, being a novice with limited engineering training I was able the talk to them on a daily basis, sometimes two or three times a day.

The system is now up and running and complements my eco friendly hot water/swimming pool and central heating system which operates on a combination of solar, and wood burning sources, including a gasification boiler. All feeding a 2000 litre storage tank."

Rolls Battery Bank installed 48v