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Use our services to find the best application that matches your exact needs

Off-Grid Europe does not just provide technical solutions but offers consulting services to find the best application that matches your exact needs. We also customize our own software, the Off-Grid Controller, to provide you with a holistic system.

Monitoring and Control

All of our systems contain our own tailored and smart software solution, the Off-Grid Controller. The Off-Grid Controller rounds off our holistic energy systems and is integrated in each of our applications.

What services we provide:

Locations And Finance

The correct location of the systems, as well as financing, are important aspects of success.  

What we assist you with:

Service and Engineering

We provide determination, and over 10 years of international expertise in the field of renewable energy technologies. What we strive for is an authentic way of doing business as we listen to our customers, and find innovative ways to provide pragmatic solutions.

What we provide you with:

m Off-Grid Europe offers:

energy independence in the most challenging environments
reliable and lasting energy solutions
360° service for your peace of mind

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