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Hoppecke sun | power VR L 370 - 2V

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  • Type: 2 V lead acid OPzV gel battery
  • C-rating: C10: 306 Ah /  C100: 430 Ah
  • Cycles at 50% DoD: 3000
  • Previously known as: Hoppecke OPzV solar.power
  • Includes: standard connectors and screws

The Hoppecke sun | power VR L 370 - 2V batteries are sealed stationary batteries with fixed electrolyte in gel. The construction as sealed batteries makes these batteries maintenance free relating to re-filling of water. Using tubular plates in combination with gauntlets at their positive tubular plates, sun | power VR L batteries offer an extremely high cycling expectancy. So they are optimal for application in sectors with high charge and discharge operation load like solar and off-grid applications.

The electrolyte is fixed in gel and allows for a horizontal or vertical assembly.

These batteries of the sun | power VR L series have a cycling expectancy from up to 1600 discharges with 80% discharge level.

Please note that minimum order values apply.

Weight (KG) 26.5
Manufacturer HOPPECKE
Battery Type Gel Lead-Acid
Battery Voltage 2
Delivery Time Europe (Est) 8-10 weeks
Warranty No
Cycles at 50% DoD 3000
Cycles at 80% DoD No
Amp-Hour at C10 365
Amp-Hour at C100 430
Usable Capacity (kWh) N/A
Max Expansion (kWh) N/A
Continuous Output (A) N/A
Peak Output (A and duration) N/A
Nominal Voltage (V) N/A

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