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Off-Grid Africa

Off-Grid Africa was founded in 2020 with a 25+ Senegalese team

Off-grid Africa team

Meet our team

Off-Grid Africa SUARL is a 100% subsidiary of Off-Grid Europe and has been established in 2020.

A highly skilled team of mechanical and electrical engineers, mechanics and workers offer initial site insprection, installation and continues support for your systems. In cooperation with the German team, we offer you state-of-the-art renewable energy systems for complete energy independence. We attach great importance to the knowledge transfer of our German and Senegalese team in order to have a long-lasting impact.

m Off-Grid Europe offers:

energy independence in the most challenging environments
reliable and lasting energy solutions
360° service for your peace of mind

Contact us

Off-Grid Europe GmbH Hesselbühl 6 88630 Pfullendorf Germany

Off-Grid Africa Route de Sangalkam Colle Annexe Mariste Cote Cite Doudou Basse Senegal

+49 7552 9379908