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Off-Grid Europe offer an innovative technology platform, the Off-Grid Controller, which enhances the management and flexibility of off-grid energy systems.

We’ve developed the Off-Grid Controller, a suite of sensors and software, to sit at the heart of new or existing off-grid systems.

By adding a powerful layer of extra functionality to standard off-grid systems, we are able to transform any system into a micro-grid with the capacity to generate revenue through invoicing the sales of electricity.

Our platform ensures the longevity of these systems and allows for real-time monitoring and control. Furthermore, the design is focused on easy installation and use, to maximise the potential for deployment. Operation is possible with or without directly interfacing with the existing hardware, removing compatibility issues and ensuring future relevance of the platform.

With the ultimate aim of extending the lifetime of any off-grid system, the Off-Grid Controller has three primary attributes.

Firstly, it is cheap, easy to use and compatible with all hardware.

Secondly, a range of sensors with the ability to continuously expand this range, makes it adaptable to a wide range of conditions.

Finally, a powerful online interface allows you to: monitor a large amount of system data, create automatic processes that protect the battery, control sensors and external devices, and to receive automatic notifications. This highly functional interface is key to making the Off-Grid Controller a versatile device.

Sample of data analytics:

 image of diagnostics



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