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Why choose an Off-Grid Power System?

Mini Grid

Our mini grid systems are designed to withstand the most extreme conditions. From Papua Neuguinea to West Africa, Off-Grid Europe provides pragmatic solutions.
Building the system in a container prior to shipping to the final location is a neat solution to address multiple challenges facing those needing an off-grid system, including:

Grid Stabilization

Off-Grid Europe offers multiple High Voltage Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS), which can be both integrated with renewable energy sources or be standalone systems that range from 500 kWh to 10 MWh in storage and inverter load capacities to match. These systems address the need for greater stability and flexibility in larger commercial and utility-scale applications.

Solar O2

Being confronted with the strong effects of the Covid-19 pandemic in early 2020, made us want to use our technological expertise to alleviate the chronic shortage of medical oxygen often found in low- and middle-income countries, also prior to the pandemic.
The SolarO2 System consists of a fully off-grid power system, oxygen condenser and a high pressure cylinder filling pump integrated into a single plug-and play oxygen generation plant that is powered by solar energy. As the system is fully integrated and self-contained, it can be used anywhere in the world and is independent of unreliable grids and supply chains.
Improving access to oxygen and pulse oximetry (instrument used to measure blood oxygen levels) has demonstrated a reduction in mortality from childhood pneumonia by up to 35% in high-burden child pneumonia settings.

Off Grid Energy Expert

m Off-Grid Europe offers:

energy independence in the most challenging environments
reliable and lasting energy solutions
360° service for your peace of mind

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