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Solar Street Lamp Solutions

Partnering with an experienced UK-based company means Off-Grid Europe can now supply a full evaluation, supply and installation package for Solar Street Lamps anywhere in the world.

As an alternative to grid-powered street lighting, off-grid street lamps negate the need to install costly underground wiring and provide environmentally friendly lighting for a range of applications. Usually installed in regions of high solar irradiation, security and safety concerns or practical need can be solved with these adaptable street lamps.


Establish how much lighting is required, at what distance, and at what height. From this we can determine the LED bulb. Using the power rating, required hours of nightly lighting, and local irradiation we can decide on a panel and battery. The panel needs to be able to cover the night-time load during the lowest periods of solar irradiation, have extra power to recharge the battery and cover losses due to inefficiency. The AGM battery has to have enough storage capacity to cover any prolonged periods of poor sunlight.

The Lamp

Stock options use a 20W, 24W, or 30W LED; however custom options are available. The components can be mounted in a box behind the panel or on the ground. Monitoring can be included either by using Bluetooth or a sim-card for remote access. Default pole height is 7 metres with the lamp at 6 metres.