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System Design

Off-Grid Europe offers a comprehensive off-grid system design, supply and aftercare package for industry and homeowners.


Whether you want a small system for your garden, a large system for your entire house, or a three-phase system for an entire community, Off-Grid Europe is at your service. Our experience and attention to detail, as well as our commitment to excellent communication with each and every customer, means we are the perfect choice to guide your purchase of an environmentally friendly, independent power supply. We make the process easy: from your first phone call to the ongoing technical support, our aim is to make sure you have help every step of the way. The cost of this entire package? Other than the competitive prices on the components, nothing!

Phone us now on +44 (0) 333 444 7655 or +49 (0) 7554 989 6935 for an evaluation of your project.

We want our customers to make an informed decision, buy the right system for their needs and to remain satisfied throughout. Please click here for examples of the solar PV systems we supply. As part of the package we offer, when you buy a large off-grid system from us you will receive the following:

  1. A bespoke quote based on your wishes, consumption, budget and limitations. Within this quote, there will be output estimates based on your location
  2. Full wiring diagram and installation support
  3. Programming & operating manuals to simplify the key tasks
  4. Full telephone support throughout

Information needed for a proper assessment

The most important question at this stage is: why do you want an off-grid system? Some do it for fun, some for necessity, some for prudence.

We need to assess your requirements and setting. Location and electricity consumption are the two most important factors.

For electricity consumption, you should have the power rating of your core appliances and how long they’ll run for each day. Please consider the variation throughout the year (winter/summer). Also required is your maximum continuous load. For example, lighting 300W + television 200W + dishwasher 3000W = 3500W. Finally, if you use electricals with high initial surge consumption (eg. tools) then a surge figure is also helpful.

Once you have this basic information, please give us a call or send us an email.